Hearts stitch journal, 23 June 2018

A lovely day – crisp, a little cold, very sunny. There was a lovely lemon sunrise this morning that woke me at about 4.30. I’m running a little late as we just sold our old car – I actually finished the heart over an hour ago. This commemorates my opium poppies, which I’ve been growing (illegally, apparently!) for many a long year for their lovely colour. The original seeds were a gift from my sister some 10 years ago and I just replant each year. Last year, however, I gave all my seeds to a friend, so I only have the self-seeded plants, which have come up much smaller and many of them single or semi-double – normally they’re huge and look like double peonies. Maybe next year…. Today’s threads are blue variegated and yellow cotton perlés no 5 and six-strand cottons in variegated lilac, purple and green, sewn with three, two and one strand. The stitches are split stitch for the heart, long-and-short for the petals, French knots for the eye of the flower and French knots with bullion knots for the vestigial petals.

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