Hearts stitch journal, 26 June 2018

A lovely summer morning, warm and sunny. One of the delights of the garden at this time of year is walking around snacking on the fruit. Several kinds are coming in and today I’ve chosen amelanchier lamarkii, also known as Juneberry. I planted it for its lovely leaves and flowers, so the fruit is quite a bonus – they taste something like blackcurrants and I had a handful of them for breakfast, including the ripe ones in the photo. Today’s threads are blue coton à broder no 16, green coton à broder no 16; six-strand embroidery cottons in green, burgundy, purple and variegated brown/red; and burgundy embroidery silk. The stitches are knotted reverse chain for the heart, couching for the stalks, thorn stitch for the leaves, padded satin stitch for the berries and detached chain for the tufty bits (sorry to get technical here…).

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