Hearts stitch journal, 07 July 2018

A lovely dawn today and shaping up for a perfect summer’s day. Once the roses have faded, our garden’s chief flowering shrub is buddleia, which I planted because they were trouble-free and would strike easily from cuttings. The first to flower is this one, Pink Delight, which is down by the cabin and is loaded with butterflies once the heat of the day gets up. It fills the whole ‘Japanese’ garden with the scent of honey. Today’s threads are perlé cotton no 5 in variegated pink/peach/lilac, peach/pale peach and lemon; and six-strand embroidery cottons in variegated green, pink and variegated lilac. The stitches are knotted reverse chain for the heart, stem stitch for the stem, thorn stitch with outline for the leaves, straight stitch for the stalks and French knots for the flowers.

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