Hearts stitch journal, 09 July 2018

Another beautiful day, set to be hot again later. As aforementioned, my neighbour hasn’t taken his hay this year. He has no livestock and wouldn’t be able to get a good price selling it to others this year, as by the time it was dry enough to harvest, the seed had already fallen and the nutritional quality was poor. Therefore great swathes of thistles have flowered undisturbed on the field margins. Several will feature in the journal, I don’t doubt, but this is the most common – creeping thistle – which grows about 3ft high and isn’t too fearsome. It smells sweetly of honey and is very attractive to insects when in flower and then, when the seeds are in, they will attract flocks of goldfinches, which hang prettily from the seedheads. Today’s threads are peach variegated cotton perlé no 5 and six-strand embroidery cottons in shades of variegated burgundy, lilac, darker lilac, dark green and pale green. The stitches are reverse chain for the heart, stem stitch for the stems, straight stitch for the leaves, overlapping detached chain for the buds and calyxes and straight stitch for the petals.

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