Hearts stitch journal, 11 July 2018

A cool, overcast start to the day with an orange sunrise heading into banks of violet cloud. Fortunately the sun has now broken through and it’s looking like the lovely day that was forecast. Unbelievably, my neighbour finally cut his hay yesterday – I suspect merely to clear the field for the apple harvest rather than to sell. I walked a very excited dog down the lane to find most of the wildflowers lying on the ground. One that has escaped the knife, however, is birdsfoot trefoil, which is growing in a steep bank, where it reaches a height of three feet or so. It also grows down the middle of our two-track lane, where it reaches just an inch high, due to rabbit activity – you’d scarcely know it was the same plant. Today’s threads are purple silk shawl fringing hand-dyed with red cabbage leaves; orange friendship thread; pale green vintage mending thread and six-strand embroidery cottons in light green, light yellow and darker yellow. The stitches are double threaded whipped running stitch for the heart, couching for the stems, thorn stitch for the leaves and detached chain for the buds and petals.

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