Hearts stitch journal, 12 July 2018

A cool, grey start to the day, but the fog has burned off now and the sun has broken through. It felt quite autumnal for our walk down the lane this morning, with the cool, Septemberish breeze. 

I bought some new hydrangeas for the garden a month or so ago. As the orchard turns to woodland, the roses are dying off and I think the garden will now become a hydrangea garden. Although this is just a hortensia from Aldi(!), I was intrigued by its vivid green colouring when in bud. It’s now opening out into shades of blue and I notice that the petals are photosensitive – bleached out where one crosses another – and curled over where they crowd together. Today’s threads are grey coton à broder no 26 and six-strand embroidery cottons in shades of dark green, mid-green, bright green, variegated plum, lilac and variegated blue. The stitches are German bound buttonhole for the heart, long-and-short for the petals and a 7-wrap French knot for the eye of the flower.

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