Hearts stitch journal, 13 July 2018

Another cool, grey start this morning, which seems to be the pattern lately before the sun breaks through and the days warms up. The cool nights are a blessing and the plants are grateful for the respite. Today I walked out of the orchard and into my neighbour’s field. Last year, the rabbits in our garden merrily ate their way though a 40ft-wide swath of his maize, regarding it as a free asparagus bed, and I notice that this year he has left it fallow. In place of the cereal, the scented mayweed has sprung up everywhere, with its white flowers and slight scent of camomile. The flowers face backwards in the cool of the morning and open out as the day progresses. Today’s threads are grey coton à broder no 16, six-strand embroidery cottons in shades of green, lime and yellow, and white cotton perlé no 5. The stitches are whipped scroll stitch for the heart, couching for the stems, fern stitch for the leaves, French knots for the flowerheads and straight stitch for the petals.

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