Hearts stitch journal, 14 July 2018

A lovely morning with a soft peach sunrise. My neighbour turned his hay yesterday, so I took a walk around the clean field boundary this morning with a very excited dog, as the rabbits raced in and out of the windrows. Another wildflower that is growing in the margins is fumitory (‘earthsmoke’), named for the smoky look of its flowers as they age and turn grey. It has a long history in the pharmacopeia as a treatment for blood pressure, liver issues and constipation. I love it for its complicated leaf shape and delicate flowers, which remind me of corydalis. Today’s threads are peach cotton perlé no 5 and six-strand embroidery cottons in variegated plum and three shades of green. The stitches are double Pekinese for the heart, split stitch for the stems, straight stitch for the stalks and detached chain for the leaves and flowers.

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