Hearts stitch journal, 16 July 2018

A lovely day, but the sky full of high cirrus – a sign of a weather front moving in. A bat flew into the bedroom last night, confused by the light from our lamps and roosted on our high cathedral ceiling – it was gone by morning, though. Our walk down the lane today was cool and refreshing and a song thrush was perched on the telegraph wire. The song of these birds is one of the wonderful sounds of spring and all summer long resonates with them smacking the life out of snails on their thrush anvils. I’ve shown it singing as a bit of poetic licence. Today’s threads are cotons à broder no 1 and no 16 in cream and blue; six-strand embroidery cottons in pale orange, dark brown, light brown and buff; and deep orange sewing thread. the stitches are whipped double threaded backstitch for the heart, split stitch for the outline of the bird, buttonhole stitch for the tail and wing, straight stitch for the bill, stem stitch for the legs, speckling for the infill and a French knot surrounded by detached chain for the eye.

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