Hearts stitch journal, 17 July 2018

Typing quickly, as my computer is failing – the fan is on its last legs – so if I go suddenly silent, that’ll be why! Another beautiful day, with a gorgeous orange and pink dawn. The whole orchard was filled with the scent of honey this morning from our many buddleia bushes. This is one of the less well-known varieties, x Weygeriana. It’s a cross between buddleia globosa, which has balls of orange flowers, and the better-known Davidii with its long racemes, and the flower shows the influence of both parents. The stalks and the backs of the petals are covered in a soft farina, while the petals are tinged delicately violet, which doesn’t show well in the photo, and it has a very sweet scent. Today’s threads are cotons à broder no 16 and 20 in pink and orange; six-strand embroidery threads in pale green, lemon and violet; and orange cotton sewing thread. The stitches are reverse split stitch for the outline; split stitch for the stalk and buds; and French knots with straight stitch for the flowers.

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