Hearts stitch journal, 18 July 2018

A somewhat stressful start to the morning, due to the sound of screaming coming from the kitchen as I descended the stairs. I ran in, expecting a cat with a bird but it proved to be a baby bunny in the jaws of the ever-efficient Pushkin. I got it away from him but it was done for, poor creature, so I left him to finish the job – all the animals shared the bounty afterwards. This must be the rabbits’ second or third brood of the season and I hope poor bunny got at least a few days of sunshine before being despatched. I’ve shown him in grass, in the hopes he’s in whatever passes for bunny heaven. Today’s threads are grey, blue and white coton à broder; darning thread in shades of brown and buff; and six-strand embroidery cottons in cream, black and brown. The stitches are Pekinese stitch for the heart, split stitch (with three threads in the needle) for the bunny, French knots for the tail, straight stitch for the whiskers and satin stitch for the eye. And that’s the third row of July completed.

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