Hearts stitch journal, 20 July 2018

Rain. It began yesterday evening and continued overnight and I walked the dog down the lane this morning in a light drizzle – it’s very welcome, to be honest, as the garden needs it. However, it has caused the insects to disappear, so the birds are back on the feeder. This is the first one I saw this morning – a Willow Tit, which appears to be almost identical to what Americans call a Chickadee. Ironically, I seem to have positioned it next to one of those things that eats it… Today’s threads are grey coton à broder; six-strand embroidery threads in black, brown and white; vintage darning thread (with the delightful name of Repriser Lustre à la Plume) in buff and light buff; and black terylene sewing thread no 40. The stitches are some knotted thing I made up for the heart, coral stitch for the twig, long-and-short for the feathers, straight stitch for the beak and claws and a French knot for the eye.

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