Hearts stitch journal, 21 July 2018

A cool and gloomy start to the day, though brightening up a bit now, and the dawn had faint traces of pink among the grey. As I came up the steps from the lower barn I was surprised to notice acorns appearing on the oak trees. I’m not sure what variety of oak this one is (probably pedunculate), as it was planted by a squirrel, not by us. When the squirrels bury acorns for winter they usually pick two different varieties in case one nut rots. Therefore when they forget to dig up their stash, two species of oak come up together, intertwined, then slug it out until one of them wins. I like the way these young acorns look like turbans. Today’s threads are grey coton à broder no 20, pink rayon floss, dark green coton à broder no12, brown perlé cotton no5, six-strand embroidery cottons in pale green and variegated green, and russet sewing cotton no40. The stitches are reverse knotted chain stitch with little French knots in between for the heart; coral stitch for the twig; stem stitch for the stalks; back stitch for the outline of the leaves; straight stitch for the small veins; couching for the big veins; French knots for the acorn cups and raised satin stitch for the acorns.

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