Hearts stitch journal, 23 July 2018

A beautiful, crisp morning, with apricot sunbeams slanting through the tree mist – due to be hot later but for now, it’s refreshingly cool. Down by the pheasant coops, I felt enveloped in honey from the scent of the huge buddleia that the chasse planted to provide shade for the birds. I keep meaning to take a cutting, as it’s a rather redder variety than I have in my garden. Today’s threads are pale orange cotton perlé no 5, burgundy silk perlé, six-strand embroidery cottons in mint, two shades of green and two shades of purple, and orange sewing cotton no 40. The stitches are whipped Holbein stitch for the heart, stem stitch for the stem, straight stitch for the stalks, diagonal satin stitch for the leaves, cross stitch for the flowers and French knots for the eyes of the flowers. I’ve included a composite shot to show how the structure is built up – I think it took about seven passes of thread altogether.

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