Hearts stitch journal, 28 July 2018

A serious drop in temperature this morning after last night’s rain. It’s 13 degrees, windy, glittering and bright. This morning, I was pleased to see a roe buck making his elegant way along the bottom of our neighbour’s field. The male goes about on his own, while the females normally travel in groups. We are on a deer and boar migration route here, so they are often around the place: once, walking with the dogs through a spent rapeseed field, I almost trod on one, which shot out from under my feet, close enough for me to have touched it if I’d known it was there. Today’s threads are variegated blue cotton perlé no 5 and six-strand embroidery cottons in black and five shades of brown/buff. The stitches are Palestrina stitch for the heart and split stitch with straight stitch for the deer with a French knot for the centre of the eye. These are technically the outline stitches and I was going to do infill, but I decided I liked him better as a sketch, sticking his head through the frame like a tourist at the seaside.

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