Hearts stitch journal, 30 July 2018

We woke up to grey skies and drizzle and now we have heavy, soft summer rain. It’s warm today but I needed a raincoat to walk down the lane, picking my way between the slugs and snails enticed out by the rain. Therefore I thought I’d end the July panel with this humble creature – an edible garden snail. This one had a shell the size of a walnut and my friend Christophe would have pocketed it for later but snails aren’t my cup of tea, even smothered in garlic butter, so he can carry on living his slimy life until a thrush or a hedgehog gets him. Today’s threads are grey cotton perlé no 5 and six-strand embroidery cottons in grey and brown. The stitches are reverse knotted chain for the heart, split stitch for the snail, French knots for the feeler ends and back stitch for the shell. I settled on a blackwork style as, really, who wants a more detailed infill in browns and grey? And that’s the main panel for July completed – a critter-filled month, by the looks of it.

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