Hearts stitch journal, 31 July 2018

The last day of July and fortunately after several days of rain, the sun has returned. Everything is soaked and I put on wellies for our walk around the garden this morning. Down in the ‘Japanese’ garden our water lilies are having their best year ever. We have several kinds, but mainly white and these pink ones, which came from the pond of a local artist. I went to his house to beg a bucket of mud and he kindly (I thought) pulled up some lilies for me. I know now, of course, that they grow like wildfire – I’m forever giving them away. But they are beautiful things and I love the way the animals use them, frogs perching on them like a Disney cartoon; bees landing on them and walking to the edge to drink. Today’s threads are blue and white coton à broder and six-strand embroidery cottons in yellow, two shades of green and three shades of pink. The stitches are whipped chain stitch for the heart, Cretan stitch and straight stitch for the leaves, with back stitched outline, and long-and-short for the flower. And that’s July over with. Let’s see what August has in store.

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