Rose Oud by Yves Rocher

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Day five of a rose rotation.

This is a new one for me – a very nice oriental. The oud is gentle and tobacco-like, while the roses are red and wet, and overall it has a ‘dark’ feeling, so a good rose for winter and cosy evenings. The rose itself is quite far back in the mix.

The notes say cumin but I don’t detect any – instead, mingled with the warmth of labdanum the effect is more like castoreum. A very nice piece of work by Annick Menardo on what I assume was a low budget, and could definitely be worn by either sex.

I did notice something odd with it, which is that when I wore it on my left wrist and Rose Absolue on my right, I couldn’t detect Rose Oud at all – its scent was completely obliterated by the Absolue.

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