Scent of the day: Fille en Aiguilles by Serge Lutens

Day four of an incense rotation.

After yesterday’s ‘meh’ effort, today I’m falling back on one of my favourites, of which I am now on my third bottle.

It’s a basic two-noter of incense and pine needles, but this time done – to my mind – perfectly, with the rich, warm pine heating up the incense, which lasts for hours and hours even though the fragrance is top-loaded.

On first sniff it reminded me instantly of a hike we took in Brittany one autumn, out onto a pine-covered peninsula where the pine needles were inches long and inches deep, warmed by the October sun. In general, I lead an outdoorsy, country life and this fragrance is perfect for that.

The title, for those who don’t know, is a pun – it means Girl in [pine] Needles, but also Girl in Stilettos and is a homonym for ‘fil en aiguille’, which literally means ‘thread to needle’, but comes from the French phrase ‘de fil en aiguille’, meaning to do something in progressive steps, or ‘from one thing to another…’. De Fil En Aiguille is also the name of many haberdasheries and sewing shops here in France.

I was given my first bottle of this fragrance by the company when I went to interview Oncle Serge. Back in the hotel room, I was astonished to find that my anosmic husband could actually smell it, so he pinched the first bottle and Liliane, Serge’s lovely PR, gave me another to replace it. Since then, I’ve bought my own on Ebay.

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