Scent of the day: La Fille de Berlin by Serge Lutens

Day 7 of a rose rotation. This is a deep crimson rose that smells expensive. Some geranium and even blood up top and the heart is a full-blown powdery rose (the real Rosa Ispahan smells quite a lot like this, as does Rosa Californica Plena). The heart notes last for many hours and it dries down to a soft, powdery finish.

It took a while for me to like this scent, perhaps due to the press materials, as I found it distasteful to use the idea of rape to market a product, or perhaps due to its slightly sour start. But I went back to the fragrance after reading Victoria Frolova’s review of it on Bois de Jasmin and was more able to judge it on its own merits.

I now find this a very good, very true winter rose (though too heavy for summer, IMHO) and I now reach for very often.

NB: the juice can stain clothing.

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