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Hearts stitch journal, 10 January, 2018

A clear morning – our first this year and the weather is due to close in again tomorrow. But for today, no rain, no wind, no fog! It was really almost daylight when I got back to the house, where I was struck by the lipstick red berries and lime green leaves of the nandina I planted to give exactly… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 09 January 2018

We had a lie-in this morning and oh, the difference a quarter of an hour makes. Although the day was foggy, it was light enough this morning to see the periwinkles in bloom all around my door. Colour at last! The infill today is sorbello stitch, an Italian stitch used mainly for whitework: it gives a similar effect to French… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 08 January 2018

Hearts stitch journal day 8. Up early due to a power cut that hit as we lay in bed reading, plunging us into blackness. Pitch dark outside and a cold wind from the north. There was no option but to choose jet black thread this morning! The outline is in a lustrous thread by Kreinik but it was impossible to… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal 07 January 2018

Dark and blustery this morning, with huge drops of rain (we were forecast snow). But the first thing I saw this morning, in the light from the doorway, was  honesty seeds. In spring the flowers make a beautiful magenta splash under the lime-green leaves of the parrotia persica tree, and this winter they’ve held their own as shining silver pennies…. Read more »

Hearts stitch journal 06 January 2018

Bright, thick fog and, unbelievably, birds singing their hearts out in the woodland – the first time this winter. On the rise of the hill, the silhouette of fox, unscented by my dog, warily turned his head in my direction, then trotted silently away: later, I heard him barking in a distant field. This morning’s threads are Madeira 30 machine… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal 05 January 2018

It was dry this morning but very dark with eight eighths cloud cover. The moon was diffused and cream-coloured, lighting up the gunmetal grey clouds. I had no thread the right colour today, so I pulled threads from a piece of silk shantung – they are lustrous but fuzzy (I had to keep pulling off the frass that built up… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal 04 January 2018

Still dark during our walk today, even at 8.30am (not much lighter now, an hour later). Blustery weather with high, soughing winds in the trees. The sky was dark denim blue when I walked down the lane. Today I’ve done a running stitch outline with seed stitch infill – the thread is cheap polyester sewing thread in denim blue and… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 03 January 2018

I got up early today and it was still night. Unbelievably, despite the raging storm, there was a huge silver moon – truly silver, not white – visible behind the black silhouettes of the trees. I used a very difficult Kreinik thread, which is basically fine lametta, with eight strands – it’s not meant to be used like this, on… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 01 January 2018

For Christmas, my DH bought me a lovely book – Slow Stitch – by Claire Wellesley-Smith, which I’ll review elsewhere. This book was totally inspirational to me, packed full of wonderful ideas that play to my interests in vintage thread, fabric, dyeing and embroidery. I decided, for starters, to try out her idea of a stitch journal. I’m an inveterate… Read more »