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Hearts stitch journal, 03 January 2018

I got up early today and it was still night. Unbelievably, despite the raging storm, there was a huge silver moon – truly silver, not white – visible behind the black silhouettes of the trees. I used a very difficult Kreinik thread, which is basically fine lametta, with eight strands – it’s not meant to be used like this, on… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 01 January 2018

For Christmas, my DH bought me a lovely book – Slow Stitch – by Claire Wellesley-Smith, which I’ll review elsewhere. This book was totally inspirational to me, packed full of wonderful ideas that play to my interests in vintage thread, fabric, dyeing and embroidery. I decided, for starters, to try out her idea of a stitch journal. I’m an inveterate… Read more »

Kimono diary: The usumono months are not yet over

About 27 degrees today and after a work week where I’ve been in scruffs – jeans, denim skirts, etc, stacking wood, cleaning the house and whatnot – today I am grateful to be back in kimono. I was wrong about not wearing my cream ro again. Today I’m in the cream ro kimono topped with my man’s black ro haori,… Read more »

Kimono diary: 19 degrees and windy – time for kasuri

Sun, showers and 19 degrees today – the temperature is steadily dropping and I think my weeks of wearing ro and sha may now be over. Today I’m wearing my kasuri kimono in green, black and pale-blue cotton, with my cotton ro aizome kimono underneath it as a juban, and my new yellow and black kaku obi which arrived this… Read more »

Kimono diary: Cream ro but now needing a haori

21 degrees, with sun and showers, so alternately quite hot and freezing cold – fairly unseasonable for August. Felt like wearing ro today, so put on my cream one with plum blossoms, but then felt in need of an extra layer, so rather than getting undressed again, wore the cream silk haori with mosquito print. I originally bought this haori… Read more »