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Hearts stitch journal, 21 June 2018

Overcast, cool and breezy this morning – we had to get up in the night and put the winter quilt back on as the temperatures have halved since yesterday. But the sun is breaking through now and we hope to have another good day. Because it was cold and it had rained overnight, I walked the dog up the lane… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 20 June 2018

Fog this morning, which fortunately has now burned off and it looks like it might be a nice sunny day. What better to stitch after yesterday’s butterfly than its food plant, brambles? We have great banks of these in the south-west corner of the garden in order to cut us off from the chasse, who tend to let their hunting… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 19 June 2018

It’s a dull, rainy day and I walked the dog round the garden in my wellies and mac, as so often lately. But the brambles have come into flower and that means Gatekeeper butterflies, though this year they are not in their usual abundance. No-one’s quite sure how they got their name but it may be because they favour the… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 18 June 2018

Woke at 5.00am to the most tremendous roar, which turned out to be a rainstorm coming in. Within seconds, the gutters on the kitchen were overwhelmed and I could hear rain pouring in sheets off the roof onto the patio below. Luckily, it had stopped by the time I walked up the lane with the dog and there were even… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 16 June 2018

Dull and cold today and it was very dark as we walked around the orchard – about to light a fire in a moment. Today I’ve stitched one of my favourite flowering shrubs in the garden – leycesteria formosa. I’ve always liked this plant for its weirdness, with its tiers of purple-flushed bracts that lead to tiny cream tubular flowers… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 15 June 2018

Another dull start, though the sun is breaking through intermittently now. It’s still very cold for June. Nevertheless, without fail every year, spirea japonica ‘Goldflame’ flowers under our west window. I planted this some 20 years ago and this year was planning to remove it to another part of the garden but I discovered a blue-tit’s nest in the wall… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 14 June 2018

A bright grey morning that has only grown more dull, sadly. But yesterday it didn’t rain(!) and the commune came and cut the verges in our lane. For the first time that I can remember, they took the grass away without leaving it to dry and baling it as hay, so I assume they have given up on the hay… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal 13 June 2018

A grey day, though the sun is breaking through now. I walked the dog up the lane today to investigate the strange mounds of earth our neighbour has mysteriously dumped in his field (clearly he’s written off the hay crop, as many farmers have done this year). As I crossed through the orchard, two jays flew chattering over my head…. Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 12 June 2018

Torrential rain overnight and a light drizzle this morning as the dog and I squelched around the orchard. All the roses are hanging their heads from the weight of the water. One of the prettiest at present is Dentelle de Malines with its lovely pink flowers, the petals tinted yellow on the back. When I bought this rose it was… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 11 June 2018

A cool, grey, foggy morning but fortunately not actually raining as we took our walk round the orchard today. Most of the roses are out now, other than Kiftsgate, including this one, Veilchenblau, which forms an archway opposite Dentelles de Maline and purple elder. A rather open, semi-double rose, it has a sweet lemony scent that attracts the bees from… Read more »