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Stocking up on juban


I’ve just bought juban from a favourite vendor. This week saw a bit of a change for me – the first time I’ve bought kimono other than on Ebay. It was from a seller I know well, though – Ryuji, who used to go under the Ebay name Ryujapan and now sells via his own store, Shinei (, if you… Read more »

New floral juban


I’ve decided to add to my juban collection, partly by making my own. When dressing in kimono recently I realised that one reason I don’t wear kimono as often as I might is my lack of jubans. I’m now seriously regretting giving away my pastel synthetic juban. I didn’t like it next to my skin, but of course I should,… Read more »

How to price a kimono


Only you can decide what to pay for a kimono, but here’s the rough guide I use. I thought today that I’d write a word or two about pricing. What a collector is willing to pay for kimono depends on a number of factors, including your income and the purpose to which you’re going to put the kimono. And I… Read more »