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Hearts stitch journal, 24 May, 2018.


A soft peach dawn today, with the sun filtering through mist. Today I thought I would commemorate our medlar tree, which we planted in memory of our late friend Guy. Medlars, like apples, are a member of the rose family and the tree (more of a large shrub with its low, spreading branches) is very ornamental – quite a lot… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal 28 April 2018


A cold, bright, grey start to the day and I needed my warm fleece parka and padded hat for our morning walk around the orchard. The herb robert has come into flower all over the garden now, its upreaching pink petals scattered with the magenta blossoms of the honesty now beginning to fall. Named for a French monk famous for… Read more »

Animal crackers


It’s the weekend, so I thought I’d look at all the animals I’ve featured so far in the stitch journal. We’re well blessed with animals here, especially bird life. Our garden is 2.4 acres and we’ve planted it with fruiting trees and flowering shrubs in order to encourage wildlife. Animals here can choose from the fruits and nuts of leycesteria,… Read more »

Sewing box


When the DH and I were riffling through discount store Action the other day, I found a new sewing box – I’m quite pleased with it. It’s only a naff little thing made of MDF but  has a decent-size section at the top, which I’m using for threads on one side and repeat-use items like thread conditioner, hand cream and… Read more »

Anchor six-strand stash


A new stash of threads arrived today. I am very much enjoying buying up these old stashes from Ebay. This one was advertised as ’50+ Anchor threads’ but in fact there are 61. There was only one poor-quality photo to go on, but for a fiver, what could go wrong? They arrived, to my pleasure, in an old chocolate box… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 16 January 2018


Horrendous weather this morning – torrential rain and driving wind, coming from almost due west. Small pockets of woodland protect us from the prevailing south-west wind and the rarer north-west wind, but today’s weather drove straight between them. I stomped along the lane, rain sheeting down my face, unable to see much except the strange, stop-motion effect of the rain,… Read more »

A new home


This blog has moved! SabiSuki is the new, permanent home of the blog I used to write at ‘A Passion for Kimono’. I’ve moved all the old posts here. Right now I’m working on lots of new posts, so stay tuned!

Kimono vs yukata


When does a yukata become a kimono? We are in the long, hot, sweltering days of August now, the days of usumono silks and, above all, yukata. But what makes a yukata a yukata? If you wear a yukata with a juban and collars, does it magically transform into a kimono? The question of what makes a yukata a yukata… Read more »

Tsumugi-woogie bugle girl


For a while I focused on obis and accessories but lately I’ve found time for a new obsession… Welcome to my tsumugi world. I don’t know – I think I must be completely schizophrenic with my kimono buying. After a rapid-fire couple of months purchasing every zingingly bright Taisho item I could find, I am suddenly plunging into the world… Read more »

Back in the groove


I’ve been buying kimono again, for the first time this year. I’ve been on a bit of a splurge lately. The reason was that someone asked me if I still buy kimono, which made me realise I hadn’t bought one since around July 2013, nearly a year ago. How strange, I thought. I was busy organising a mini exhibition of… Read more »