Hearts stitch journal, 03 February 2018


A cool pearl-grey morning today, overcast but not dark. There was little colour in the garden or the lane today, but finally the snowdrops are open after yesterday’s sunshine, and are nodding their little heads in the border. Today’s threads are a beautiful soft grey vintage Cartier-Bresson six-strand thread called Brilliante d’Alger, vintage green DMC retors d’Alsace and a modern… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 02 February 2018


A cold moonstone-coloured morning today, with a proper frost overnight, which indicates about minus-5, I think. The supermoon was still up, and the sky was pale pink and grey, with streaks of orange where the sun was peeking above the horizon. I have put both the sun and the moon in this heart, because it’s my embroidery and I can… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 01 February 2018


Red sky at morning, shepherd’s warning. But I don’t care – the day dawned mostly clear and mostly bright, with wonderful streaks of pink, purple and ice blue. It’s colder today, though not cold enough for frost, and in a moment, I’m out on a bike ride (wish me luck – my first since my injury). Today’s threads are all… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, January 2018


So, that’s the January journal completed, comprising one panel of 6 x 5 and one odd heart, which can be positioned anywhere. Luckily, I started out without the idea of trying to accomplish anything, and therefore wasn’t intimidated by it – if I’d thought of doing 31, I might never have started at all. I’ve enjoyed carving out this bit… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal 31 January 2018


A dreadful, dark morning with teeming rain. It was darker this morning, due to the overcast, than it was during the night, which was lit by the supermoon. The sound of construction drowned out the birdsong – our neighbour is building a new hangar for chickens, quite close to our house and now that the A-frame is up, the builders… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal 30 January 2018


A mild, pale grey morning this morning with a very light, dancing drizzle. There was an abundance of riches to choose from today, so I went with hazel catkins, as these will soon be over. They are tingeing all the hedgerows now and growing in our old boulangerie across the courtyard. I allow hazels to self-seed in the garden wherever… Read more »