Hearts stitch journal 07 January 2018


Dark and blustery this morning, with huge drops of rain (we were forecast snow). But the first thing I saw this morning, in the light from the doorway, was  honesty seeds. In spring the flowers make a beautiful magenta splash under the lime-green leaves of the parrotia persica tree, and this winter they’ve held their own as shining silver pennies…. Read more »

Hearts stitch journal 06 January 2018


Bright, thick fog and, unbelievably, birds singing their hearts out in the woodland – the first time this winter. On the rise of the hill, the silhouette of fox, unscented by my dog, warily turned his head in my direction, then trotted silently away: later, I heard him barking in a distant field. This morning’s threads are Madeira 30 machine… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 03 January 2018


I got up early today and it was still night. Unbelievably, despite the raging storm, there was a huge silver moon – truly silver, not white – visible behind the black silhouettes of the trees. I used a very difficult Kreinik thread, which is basically fine lametta, with eight strands – it’s not meant to be used like this, on… Read more »