Hearts stitch journal 12 March 2018


Awoke to the sound of torrential rain on the roof lights, which luckily had almost stopped by the time I walked down the lane. The blustery wind and shafts of pale sunlight streaming from between the grey, scudding banks of cloud made inland Normandy feel strangely coastal this morning. The wiry stems of mallow are still standing in the fields,… Read more »

Animal crackers


It’s the weekend, so I thought I’d look at all the animals I’ve featured so far in the stitch journal. We’re well blessed with animals here, especially bird life. Our garden is 2.4 acres and we’ve planted it with fruiting trees and flowering shrubs in order to encourage wildlife. Animals here can choose from the fruits and nuts of leycesteria,… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 08 March 2018


Computer problems this morning, so I’m posting a little late. We had torrential rain and blustery winds this morning and I could barely see anything through the rain on my glasses and pouring off the brim of my hood. Outside the woodshed, the ground was littered with glistening ivy berries, black and ripe now, which are being greedily gobbled up… Read more »

Sewing box


When the DH and I were riffling through discount store Action the other day, I found a new sewing box – I’m quite pleased with it. It’s only a naff little thing made of MDF but  has a decent-size section at the top, which I’m using for threads on one side and repeat-use items like thread conditioner, hand cream and… Read more »