Hearts stitch journal, 30 April 2018


Cold, grey and rainy, with temperatures more like winter. It rained most of yesterday and very heavily overnight and the lane was thick with puddles as I trudged down it, head down to avoid the raindrops. It’s very green, though and there are flowers everywhere now. The most recent to make an appearance is sorrel, which will shade the fields… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal 29 April 2018


Cold, grey and drizzly today and I was in warm waterproofs for our walk down the lane. Even the Met Office describes this weather as ‘unseasonably cold’. Throughout the garden, the greater celandine is bursting into flower. This is a weed, but I am fond of it. Its screaming chrome-yellow flowers and complex foliage shape are very pleasing, especially when,… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal 28 April 2018


A cold, bright, grey start to the day and I needed my warm fleece parka and padded hat for our morning walk around the orchard. The herb robert has come into flower all over the garden now, its upreaching pink petals scattered with the magenta blossoms of the honesty now beginning to fall. Named for a French monk famous for… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 27 April 2018


A cool, grey morning today, and very still. Wildflowers are springing up in every direction, and the fields are now full of dandelion clocks, ready to take flight at the first breath of wind. Today’s threads are grey coton à broder no 16, brown six-strand cotton used with all six strands, red/green variegated Indian rayon, used single strand, and cream… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 26 April 2018


A cold, bright, crisp spring morning, the temperatures in single figures. Great clouds came from the dog’s mouth as he ran around the orchard this morning. The grass was littered with the catkins of yellow willow, looking like thousands of furry caterpillars. We planted this willow using cuttings no bigger than a pencil, some 15 years ago and now it… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 25 April 2018


A grey, cool, misty day and our temperatures are back into single figures. It still feels like spring, though, due to the phenomenal amount of greenery that has sprouted everywhere. In the lane, the fat beech buds have unfurled into silky green leaves and hanging fruit that will later turn to beech mast, once a sought-after fodder for pigs when… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal 24 April 2018


A beautiful opalescent sunrise this morning, and a fresh spring day. Our purple bird cherry is in full flower now, with its burgundy-tinged leaves and racemes of pink flowers. We planted this tree in memory of my late mother in law. Today’s threads are multicoloured rayon bouclé, brown Peri-Lusta vintage six-strand cotton, burgundy Indian rayon sewn in one and two… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 23 April 2018


A dull start to the day as the temperatures drop back to normal. The pears in the orchard are in full bloom now and busy with bees. In this area the fruit are used to produce ‘appelation Domfrontais’ calvados, which uses around 30% pears to 70% apples, giving it a very different flavour. We don’t make calvados ourselves and no-one… Read more »