Hearts stitch journal, 22 July 2018


A beautiful pure gold dawn this morning and a cool walk down the lane. It feels autumnal in the best possible way – golden, ripe, soft, Septemberish. Throughout the hedgerows this year, this plant is in bloom – betony. Hugely attractive to butterflies, clouds of which surround it as the day warms up, it has tough square stalks like a… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 19 July 2018


Another lovely morning, with a spectacular sunrise of orange and pink. Down the lane, overseeing the shorn fields during our morning walk, sat a buzzard on a telegraph pole. They are plentiful birds here, soaring up high with their plaintive cry of pee-oo, pee-oo and – in this season – perching on the bales of wheat and barley, ready to… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 17 July 2018


Typing quickly, as my computer is failing – the fan is on its last legs – so if I go suddenly silent, that’ll be why! Another beautiful day, with a gorgeous orange and pink dawn. The whole orchard was filled with the scent of honey this morning from our many buddleia bushes. This is one of the less well-known varieties,… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 15 July 2018


Tremendous thunder and lightening storms overnight, with phenomenal amounts of rain – much needed, it must be said. The day dawned vivid pink between banks of dark cloud but it’s now set to be beautifully warm and sunny all day. The first thing I saw when I looked through the front door this morning was a fat wood pigeon. These… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 14 July 2018


A lovely morning with a soft peach sunrise. My neighbour turned his hay yesterday, so I took a walk around the clean field boundary this morning with a very excited dog, as the rabbits raced in and out of the windrows. Another wildflower that is growing in the margins is fumitory (‘earthsmoke’), named for the smoky look of its flowers… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 13 July 2018


Another cool, grey start this morning, which seems to be the pattern lately before the sun breaks through and the days warms up. The cool nights are a blessing and the plants are grateful for the respite. Today I walked out of the orchard and into my neighbour’s field. Last year, the rabbits in our garden merrily ate their way… Read more »