Hearts stitch journal, 27 January 2018


A sunrise! Our first bona fide sunrise this year – the skies completely clear and streaked with pink, lilac, lemon and gold. There was a proper frost overnight – more like our usual winter weather – and the landscape was mint green and white, with thin mist snaking between the tree tops. The return of sunlight is incredibly uplifting after… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 26 January 2018


An opalescent grey morning with our clearest skies since 28 December – only about three eighths overcast and the fast-moving clouds were tinged a faint gold, with the light behind giving – finally – hints of blue. The grass was mint green from a light frost and the birds were singing away in the woodland. So a feeling of optimism… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 25 January 2018


Another dark and overcast day, but with a few streaks in the cloud rather than the leaden greyness of recent weeks. Still, at least it’s not raining! Today’s heart is inspired by the moss that is growing thickly everywhere this year, encouraged by the high humidity. It’s coating every rock and branch and growing up the bases of the trees… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 24 January, 2018


Another dark and lowering day, with a light wind and drizzle. Neither words nor stitch can adequately convey the awful greyness of these mornings – 27 days now without a sunrise and I am beginning to feel oppressed and uneasy, as early humankind must have done when they felt the sun would never return. Today there was a slight violet… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal 20 January 2018


Woken up at 5.00am by the sound of torrential rain on the roof. A battleship-grey morning, with the skies now lightening to pewter, with heavy straight, stair-rod rain with no wind. Thank heavens for the cheerful cotoneaster cornubia that I planted near the barn some 18 years ago to shield us from our neighbour’s view as he passed on his… Read more »