Kimono vs yukata


When does a yukata become a kimono? We are in the long, hot, sweltering days of August now, the days of usumono silks and, above all, yukata. But what makes a yukata a yukata? If you wear a yukata with a juban and collars, does it magically transform into a kimono? The question of what makes a yukata a yukata… Read more »

Tsumugi-woogie bugle girl


For a while I focused on obis and accessories but lately I’ve found time for a new obsession… Welcome to my tsumugi world. I don’t know – I think I must be completely schizophrenic with my kimono buying. After a rapid-fire couple of months purchasing every zingingly bright Taisho item I could find, I am suddenly plunging into the world… Read more »

Back in the groove


I’ve been buying kimono again, for the first time this year. I’ve been on a bit of a splurge lately. The reason was that someone asked me if I still buy kimono, which made me realise I hadn’t bought one since around July 2013, nearly a year ago. How strange, I thought. I was busy organising a mini exhibition of… Read more »

Stocking up on hitoe


When I started out collecting kimono, it wasn’t really with the idea of wearing them, so much as displaying them – hence the uchikakes and furisodes in my collection. But after a while of wearing only haoris over jeans, etc, I got the urge to wear kimono more often. The problem is, many of them are somewhat formal, which makes… Read more »

Bearing with the heat


There’s nothing cooler than kimono in these high temperatures. It’s been hot here in France the past couple of weeks and I’m pretty much living in kimono. Some years ago I bought a cream silk ro kimono that I shortened to make into a nightie. This is a brilliant thing for sleeping in, or, with the addition of a datejime… Read more »

Stocking up on juban


I’ve just bought juban from a favourite vendor. This week saw a bit of a change for me – the first time I’ve bought kimono other than on Ebay. It was from a seller I know well, though – Ryuji, who used to go under the Ebay name Ryujapan and now sells via his own store, Shinei (, if you… Read more »



I have been making obi purchases with a little more care recently. I have been trying to focus on obi and accessories rather than kimono lately. My kimono habit, which is completely out of control, means that I have a really nice selection of kimono but very little in the way of juban, obi and accessories. I realised I had… Read more »

Kimono arrivals


Some of my new kimono have arrived this week and I’m very well pleased. Perhaps the best is the black Meisen with coloured splodges. This silk is the lovely, thick, glossy silk I expect from Showa-era Meisen, and is very comfortable to wear. To go with it, I have already cut my black Nagoya obi into a tsuke obi, which… Read more »

The do’s and don’ts of buying kimono


What the Japanese will and won’t do in kimono. I’ve been reading some kimono books lately, especially The New Kimono by the editors of Nanao magazine. It’s intriguing to me as a Westerner which rules the Japanese are willing and unwilling to break, and also which colour combinations they feel are chic, old-fashioned, permissible, not permissible, indicative of spring or… Read more »

New floral juban


I’ve decided to add to my juban collection, partly by making my own. When dressing in kimono recently I realised that one reason I don’t wear kimono as often as I might is my lack of jubans. I’m now seriously regretting giving away my pastel synthetic juban. I didn’t like it next to my skin, but of course I should,… Read more »