Hearts stitch journal, 03 March 2018


Warm and wet this morning – 4 degrees and drizzling. Everything is wet through from the rain overnight. The flowers that drooped and seemingly died in the cold snap are perking up again and the forsythia has come back into bloom. Forsythia have four petals but you rarely see all four when you look at them as there’s usually one… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 01 March 2018


“When March winds do blow, we shall have snow.” We got about half an inch of powdery white stuff overnight, courtesy of the Beast from the East. We were spared the worst, though: temperatures were up to minus-3C this morning and the high winds had dropped. Beneath the bird feeder were many bird prints from ground feeders such as blackbirds… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 28 February 2018


Bright and cold this morning – minus-9C – with a lovely pink and purple sunrise. Everything that was in springtime bud has shrivelled and died in the icy winds and only the ivy leaves hanging like stained glass in the window of the barn looked alive. Today’s threads are all vintage: pink C&B perlé no 5, purple DMC perlé no… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 27 February 2018


A balmy minus-7C this morning and it feels much warmer than yesterday, as the vicious wind has dropped. Today’s heart commemorates the flowers on the parrotia persica tree, which is growing in an old cider press directly outside our front door. I planted this for winter colour and to be frank, it doesn’t give much: though a relative of the… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 26 February 2018


A bright, cold morning – about -10, with a strong Siberian wind lowering the ‘feels like’ temperature still further. There is no frost but the normally rich brown earth is frozen hard and pale, looking like chocolate that has bloomed. Birds were clustered all over the feeder this morning, getting their fill of sunflower seeds and dunnocks (hedge sparrows) were… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 24 February 2018


A lovely peachy-gold sunrise this morning, and cold – we have winds coming in from Siberia and temperatures are starting to drop. Everything is very dry and full of static, as there is no precipitation. I had a somewhat macabre discovery when I went to the woodshed this morning – something had obviously killed a crow just at the entrance…. Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 23 February 2018


A bright and freezing morning with a lovely peach sunrise. The temperatures have stayed below zero for 48 hours now and the ground was hard enough for me to walk around the steep orchard for the first time on these morning walks. Everywhere the rabbits have dug holes to get at the tree roots and there is gigantic undermining going… Read more »