Hearts stitch journal, 20 April 2018


Another beautiful day, though we had a terrible sleepless night due to our neighbour’s dogs barking and donkey braying, and hoot owls tuwhitting at one another and a screech owl making regular bombing runs across the newly-mown grass. The DH did the first cut of the year yesterday and in large sections of the orchard, where there is shade, the… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal 18 April 2018


A beautiful spring morning, with an orange sunrise pouring through the orchard and gilding the cherries, which are now in full bloom. Although we are still having cold starts, the daytime temperatures are climbing now. It was 22 degrees yesterday and we were able to spend a couple of hours in the cabin, in teeshirts. The heat has brought out… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 17 April 2018


A beautiful morning, with the sun made silver by streaks of cloud in an ice-blue sky and for the first time I walked down the lane without a hat or coat. The dandelions are everywhere in the fields now, which are gradually changing from pure green to a speckled meadow of green, white and yellow. Today’s threads are variegated blue… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 16 April 2018


A silver-white dawn today, and quite crisp at 7 degrees, but the increasing greenery and the quality of the light definitely indicate spring. To make up for the sound of my neighbour’s machinery, laying a grit road to his new chicken sheds, I had a rare treat this morning in seeing two green woodpeckers, squabbling in the grass, before taking… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 15 April 2018


Fog. And really quite dark. It feels like a November day, but for the birdsong, especially after several deluges yesterday. Luckily, the cherry blossoms look as good against a grey sky as a blue one. When we bought this house, there were 12 sweet cherry trees in the orchard. We allowed them to spread, though cherries don’t come true from… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 12 April 2018


A bright, silvery morning, everything wet from last night’s rain, which began with a deluge at 7.00pm and kept it up all night. In the chasse coops, a peach tree is coming into flower. Unfortunately, the fruit all drop behind the fence where I can’t get at them. Today’s threads are pale grey L Boucher rayon, which arrived yesterday; brown… Read more »