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Hearts stitch journal, 10 May 2018


A cool, crisp, bright day today – needed my fleece parka for walking the dog down the lane and he is beginning to spring and bounce through the grass as it gets longer. From the embarrassment of riches that spring is now offering, this morning I’ve chosen quince blossom. Any quince tree is a thing of beauty, with its big… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 06 May 2018


A peachy pink sunrise, and already warm as I walked down the lane, the heat bringing out the honeyed scent of millions of flowers. One area of our fruit walk is carpeted with heath speedwells, their lovely blue flowers turned upwards to the sun. Like many blue flowers, it is actually purple when you look at it closely and its… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 03 May 2018


A lovely morning – very fresh and cold, with frost lying in the ditches but warmth in the sun. All along the lane, red clover is coming into flower, wriggling its way upwards through the buttercups and Queen Anne’s Lace. Today’s threads are pale blue cotton perlé no 5, green Peri-Lusta six-strand embroidery cotton sewn in two strands, pale green… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 01 May 2018


A cold, sunny morning, which is a relief after so much rain. Out in the orchard, the forget-me-nots have come into flower. Wild forget-me-nots – myosotis arvensis – have a very tiny flower, much smaller than the garden variety, and the flowers unfurl from a scorpion-shaped stalk, gradually changing colour from pink to lilac to blue. The flowers are edible,… Read more »