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Burgundy Sha kimono with grey hibiscus flowers

This Sha kimono is proving a godsend in the heat of summer. I bought this Sha kimono quite recently from a vendor that was new to me – a British vendor called RubyMinky. Ruby (as we shall call her) turned out to be a kimono collector like me, but with a far bigger collection that she was reducing, and she… Read more »

Navy yukata with hibiscus blossom

This vintage yukata from Yamatoku is very practical and wearable. This is one of my new yukatas – navy cotton with hibiscus blossom (at least, I think it’s hibiscus – it might be pawlonia).The description lists it simply as ‘hana’ – flower. It’s from Yamatoku, but I’m not sure how old it is – probably fairly modern (1960s-1990s?). Yamatoku no… Read more »