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Lots of lovely stripes

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I figure a girl just can’t have too many striped kimono. As anyone who reads this blog will know, I have a weakness for striped kimono. Striped kimono were the daily wear of most middle-class and urban Japanese for decades, usually in shades of brown and blue, and often in kasuri cotton. Coupled with my other weakness for Taisho Roman… Read more »

Kimono diary: 19 degrees and windy – time for kasuri

Sun, showers and 19 degrees today – the temperature is steadily dropping and I think my weeks of wearing ro and sha may now be over. Today I’m wearing my kasuri kimono in green, black and pale-blue cotton, with my cotton ro aizome kimono underneath it as a juban, and my new yellow and black kaku obi which arrived this… Read more »

Blue cotton hitoe with stylised flowers

When is a cotton hitoe not a yukata? The answer, really, is when it’s too heavy. The kimono I’m wearing in this picture is a modern kasuri cotton kimono, unlined. I can, and sometimes do, wear it as a yukata but the fabric is quite stiff and thick – though by no means as thick as the old-style handwoven kasuri,… Read more »