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Brown meisen with holly berries and leaves

This brown meisen komon has a most unusual pattern. My latest meisen purchase is this brown one with a very unusual pattern in the weave – holly leaves and berries. To be honest, until I got this kimono I didn’t even know the Japanese HAD holly.  It’s certainly not one of those patterns that you see around all the time,… Read more »

Kimono gallery part two – komons

Everyday kimono make up the vast majority of my collection. Here are the komons – printed, painted and shibori’ed. Non-formal kimono are in their turn divided into ‘woven things’ (less formal) and ‘painted things’ (more formal). Komons – simple, printed silk kimono – are classed as ‘painted things’ and are the next step down from formal (haregi) kimono. They are… Read more »

Black meisen with fuchsia crosses

This wonderful kimono is from the Taisho or early Showa period. I was thrilled when this little babe turned up today – my latest black meisen komon, from Kofudo. You can’t tell from the pictures, but it’s the most delicious meisen imaginable – like a thick black satin with rows of minuscule fuchsia dots in it. The doura and sleeves… Read more »

How to price a kimono

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Only you can decide what to pay for a kimono, but here’s the rough guide I use. I thought today that I’d write a word or two about pricing. What a collector is willing to pay for kimono depends on a number of factors, including your income and the purpose to which you’re going to put the kimono. And I… Read more »

Wool komons

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Wool kimonos are a practical addition to my winter wardrobe. A couple of new kimono arrived today – both of them wool, which seems a bit weird in the middle of summer, but a girl likes to be prepared. This red one with a broken stripe is from KimonoBestBuy on Ebay, and was only a few cents. I’m guessing it… Read more »

Falling in love with kimono again

After a long hiatus, I have fallen in love with kimono again. I have been buying kimono again after a long gap, and oh what a joy it is. The main reason has been the recession – for a couple of years, there simply hasn’t been the money to spend on things that I don’t actually need, however beautiful they… Read more »