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Stocking up on hitoe

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When I started out collecting kimono, it wasn’t really with the idea of wearing them, so much as displaying them – hence the uchikakes and furisodes in my collection. But after a while of wearing only haoris over jeans, etc, I got the urge to wear kimono more often. The problem is, many of them are somewhat formal, which makes… Read more »

More new Showa and Taisho

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Well, my kimono buying continues apace. First up, since I’d bought the lovely jade Taisho Roman with tachibana, I figured I might as well combine shipping, so bid on this: a Taisho Roman with tachibana, oddly enough, though the colour and style are completely different. This is a lovely Meisen kimono from Japanese Antiques, and having been successful in my… Read more »

Lots of lovely stripes

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I figure a girl just can’t have too many striped kimono. As anyone who reads this blog will know, I have a weakness for striped kimono. Striped kimono were the daily wear of most middle-class and urban Japanese for decades, usually in shades of brown and blue, and often in kasuri cotton. Coupled with my other weakness for Taisho Roman… Read more »

Brown meisen with holly berries and leaves

This brown meisen komon has a most unusual pattern. My latest meisen purchase is this brown one with a very unusual pattern in the weave – holly leaves and berries. To be honest, until I got this kimono I didn’t even know the Japanese HAD holly.  It’s certainly not one of those patterns that you see around all the time,… Read more »

Kimono gallery part three – wovens

Woven kimono from the Taisho and Showa periods are about my favourite kimono of all time. Most of the kimono that I actually wear on a daily basis are woven, or ‘predyed’ kimono. These have a lower degree of formality in Japan than kimono that are printed, and are used for at-home wear, casual occasions, parties with friends, etc. The… Read more »

Black meisen with fuchsia crosses

This wonderful kimono is from the Taisho or early Showa period. I was thrilled when this little babe turned up today – my latest black meisen komon, from Kofudo. You can’t tell from the pictures, but it’s the most delicious meisen imaginable – like a thick black satin with rows of minuscule fuchsia dots in it. The doura and sleeves… Read more »

Black meisen hitoe with green yabane

This black kimono is my first meisen hitoe. Hitoe are unlined kimono and they’re a comparative rarity in modern kimono because the majority of people who now have kimono made only ever have one or two, so they tend to have the high-end type of furisode/tomesode with linings. However, vintage hitoe kimonos are fairly readily available.  Nevertheless, searching for hitoe… Read more »

Pink meisen with cross hatching

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This meisen kimono has the most beautiful handle and lustre. This kimono arrived today, courtesy of Japanese Antiques, a new vendor for me. It’s always slightly nerve-wracking when you try out a new vendor. Japanese Antiques has some really beautiful items, usually starting at about $9.99, or even $4.99 for a haori, but they charge a little more than Ryujapan… Read more »

Falling in love with kimono again

After a long hiatus, I have fallen in love with kimono again. I have been buying kimono again after a long gap, and oh what a joy it is. The main reason has been the recession – for a couple of years, there simply hasn’t been the money to spend on things that I don’t actually need, however beautiful they… Read more »