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Kimono arrivals


Some of my new kimono have arrived this week and I’m very well pleased. Perhaps the best is the black Meisen with coloured splodges. This silk is the lovely, thick, glossy silk I expect from Showa-era Meisen, and is very comfortable to wear. To go with it, I have already cut my black Nagoya obi into a tsuke obi, which… Read more »

More new Showa and Taisho


Well, my kimono buying continues apace. First up, since I’d bought the lovely jade Taisho Roman with tachibana, I figured I might as well combine shipping, so bid on this: a Taisho Roman with tachibana, oddly enough, though the colour and style are completely different. This is a lovely Meisen kimono from Japanese Antiques, and having been successful in my… Read more »

Dating kimono


Every garment has clues as to the date of its origin. I thought I would write today about how to date a kimono. For those of us who collect vintage items, it’s important to know what to expect from our kimono, especially as vendors’ descriptions are not always very full, or sometimes even correct, so it pays to learn a… Read more »

Cream houmongi with gold embroidery


This houmongi feels as beautiful to wear as I hoped it would. My new houmongi arrived yesterday morning, courtesy of Japanese Antiques. I couldn’t resist trying it on, so I popped it over my home-made juban in white Thai silk, and teamed it with a Showa-era fukuro obi with gold arabesques (with my 5in obi stay tucked inside). The obi-scarf,… Read more »