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More new Showa and Taisho

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Well, my kimono buying continues apace. First up, since I’d bought the lovely jade Taisho Roman with tachibana, I figured I might as well combine shipping, so bid on this: a Taisho Roman with tachibana, oddly enough, though the colour and style are completely different. This is a lovely Meisen kimono from Japanese Antiques, and having been successful in my… Read more »

Cream houmongi with gold embroidery

This houmongi feels as beautiful to wear as I hoped it would. My new houmongi arrived yesterday morning, courtesy of Japanese Antiques. I couldn’t resist trying it on, so I popped it over my home-made juban in white Thai silk, and teamed it with a Showa-era fukuro obi with gold arabesques (with my 5in obi stay tucked inside). The obi-scarf,… Read more »

Burgundy Sha kimono with grey hibiscus flowers

This Sha kimono is proving a godsend in the heat of summer. I bought this Sha kimono quite recently from a vendor that was new to me – a British vendor called RubyMinky. Ruby (as we shall call her) turned out to be a kimono collector like me, but with a far bigger collection that she was reducing, and she… Read more »