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Hearts stitch journal 05 January 2018

It was dry this morning but very dark with eight eighths cloud cover. The moon was diffused and cream-coloured, lighting up the gunmetal grey clouds. I had no thread the right colour today, so I pulled threads from a piece of silk shantung – they are lustrous but fuzzy (I had to keep pulling off the frass that built up… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal 04 January 2018

Still dark during our walk today, even at 8.30am (not much lighter now, an hour later). Blustery weather with high, soughing winds in the trees. The sky was dark denim blue when I walked down the lane. Today I’ve done a running stitch outline with seed stitch infill – the thread is cheap polyester sewing thread in denim blue and… Read more »

Hearts stitch journal, 03 January 2018

I got up early today and it was still night. Unbelievably, despite the raging storm, there was a huge silver moon – truly silver, not white – visible behind the black silhouettes of the trees. I used a very difficult Kreinik thread, which is basically fine lametta, with eight strands – it’s not meant to be used like this, on… Read more »