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Lots of lovely stripes


I figure a girl just can’t have too many striped kimono. As anyone who reads this blog will know, I have a weakness for striped kimono. Striped kimono were the daily wear of most middle-class and urban Japanese for decades, usually in shades of brown and blue, and often in kasuri cotton. Coupled with my other weakness for Taisho Roman… Read more »

Obi stays


An obi stay keeps your obi from creasing and provides some structure for added cords and obiage. Many women who wear kimono rather enjoy the restriction of a tight obi, but I do want to be comfortable in my kimono, which is why I’m trying to find a compromise between what looks best and what feels best. So I’ve been… Read more »

Grey yukata with flower print


My one and only kimono not bought by myself. This grey yukata with tiny flower print is a slight oddity in my collection – it was a gift from someone else. All my other kimono are ones I’ve bought myself. This one, my friend R bought for me when I began collecting. Sold to her as a silk kimono, it… Read more »