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More new Showa and Taisho

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Well, my kimono buying continues apace. First up, since I’d bought the lovely jade Taisho Roman with tachibana, I figured I might as well combine shipping, so bid on this: a Taisho Roman with tachibana, oddly enough, though the colour and style are completely different. This is a lovely Meisen kimono from Japanese Antiques, and having been successful in my… Read more »

Black omeshi with red and white oblique stripes

This everyday kimono probably dates from the 1950s or 1960s. A new kimono arrived this week – this townwear in black silk with red and white oblique stripes. Described as ‘blend silk’ fibres by vendor Kyotokiyou, I would describe it as omeshi. It has the tough, dirt-shedding surface of omeshi, along with its considerable weight – it’s 870g, which puts… Read more »

Grey omeshi townwear with urushi leaves

This was the first kimono I bought knowing it was omeshi, kicking off a long love affair with this fabric. I simply love this kimono. I love everything about it, from the rough omeshi crepe to the soft combination of grey and pink, to the glittery urushi thread of the leaves. It’s a 1950s kimono, and left to their own… Read more »

Black townwear with urushi clouds

All-over urushi kimonos are quite a rare find. I bought this kimono several years ago, from Ryujapan. Ryuji often describes his kimonos simply as ‘weave’ but it was clear from the photos that it’s actually urushi. I was very excited when I saw it because although I have numerous all-over-urushi haoris, all-over-urushi kimono are harder to find. I have only… Read more »

Pink Rinzu kimono with shibori flowers

This Rinzu kimono has two types of shibori and a background fabric dyed in bokashi technique. I was feeling rather disillusioned by my recent failture with kimono number 5, but my next kimono was a resounding success. This pink Rinzu kimono uses three separate techniques – Bokashi watercolour dyeing to give the background silk a shimmer, plus kanoko shibori and… Read more »

Omeshi scenic townwear kimono

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My fifth kimono purchase was this Showa-era townwear with scenic design in Omeshi and urushi. This kimono was my first purchase of a hitoe – an unlined kimono. I bought it because it was Omeshi, and I was keen to see what this fabric was like. In fact I didn’t know at the time, but I already owned an Omeshi… Read more »

Yellow omeshi with urushi roses

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This townwear kimono is in Omeshi silk with lame leaves and pink roses in urushi. I bought this ‘townwear’ kimono from Yamatoku. Townwear kimono are assembled from bolt silk, so the design is equal in all areas of the garment rather than being placed at the hem. This makes them inherently less formal than furisode, tomesode and other formal kimono… Read more »