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Kimono gallery part three – wovens

Woven kimono from the Taisho and Showa periods are about my favourite kimono of all time. Most of the kimono that I actually wear on a daily basis are woven, or ‘predyed’ kimono. These have a lower degree of formality in Japan than kimono that are printed, and are used for at-home wear, casual occasions, parties with friends, etc. The… Read more »

Grey omeshi townwear with urushi leaves

This was the first kimono I bought knowing it was omeshi, kicking off a long love affair with this fabric. I simply love this kimono. I love everything about it, from the rough omeshi crepe to the soft combination of grey and pink, to the glittery urushi thread of the leaves. It’s a 1950s kimono, and left to their own… Read more »

Black townwear with urushi clouds

All-over urushi kimonos are quite a rare find. I bought this kimono several years ago, from Ryujapan. Ryuji often describes his kimonos simply as ‘weave’ but it was clear from the photos that it’s actually urushi. I was very excited when I saw it because although I have numerous all-over-urushi haoris, all-over-urushi kimono are harder to find. I have only… Read more »

Yellow omeshi with urushi roses

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This townwear kimono is in Omeshi silk with lame leaves and pink roses in urushi. I bought this ‘townwear’ kimono from Yamatoku. Townwear kimono are assembled from bolt silk, so the design is equal in all areas of the garment rather than being placed at the hem. This makes them inherently less formal than furisode, tomesode and other formal kimono… Read more »

Black haori with maple-leaf lining

This black urushi haori was my first purchase when I decided to collect kimono. This haori was my first purchase after deciding to start collecting kimono in 2005. It is a silk haori from Yamatoku which I bought for both its beautiful lining, and its urushi outer layer. Urushi is brocade weaving with lacquered threads and is my favourite technique… Read more »