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Kimono diary: The usumono months are not yet over

About 27 degrees today and after a work week where I’ve been in scruffs – jeans, denim skirts, etc, stacking wood, cleaning the house and whatnot – today I am grateful to be back in kimono. I was wrong about not wearing my cream ro again. Today I’m in the cream ro kimono topped with my man’s black ro haori,… Read more »

Kimono gallery part three – wovens

Woven kimono from the Taisho and Showa periods are about my favourite kimono of all time. Most of the kimono that I actually wear on a daily basis are woven, or ‘predyed’ kimono. These have a lower degree of formality in Japan than kimono that are printed, and are used for at-home wear, casual occasions, parties with friends, etc. The… Read more »