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Stocking up on hitoe


When I started out collecting kimono, it wasn’t really with the idea of wearing them, so much as displaying them – hence the uchikakes and furisodes in my collection. But after a while of wearing only haoris over jeans, etc, I got the urge to wear kimono more often. The problem is, many of them are somewhat formal, which makes… Read more »

Stocking up on juban


I’ve just bought juban from a favourite vendor. This week saw a bit of a change for me – the first time I’ve bought kimono other than on Ebay. It was from a seller I know well, though – Ryuji, who used to go under the Ebay name Ryujapan and now sells via his own store, Shinei (http://www.net-shinei.co.jp/com, if you… Read more »

Black wool ensemble with zigzags


My first ensemble is made from tough wool tsumugi. My first kimono ensemble arrived yesterday – this black wool number from Yamatoku (a spur-of-the-moment 99 cent bid). The kimono is a classically unlined wool kimono, but has quite a high-end, cotton-lined collar with a press-stud (all my other wool kimono have sewn-down collars). The haori is lined with a pretty… Read more »

Wool komons


Wool kimonos are a practical addition to my winter wardrobe. A couple of new kimono arrived today – both of them wool, which seems a bit weird in the middle of summer, but a girl likes to be prepared. This red one with a broken stripe is from KimonoBestBuy on Ebay, and was only a few cents. I’m guessing it… Read more »

Falling in love with kimono again


After a long hiatus, I have fallen in love with kimono again. I have been buying kimono again after a long gap, and oh what a joy it is. The main reason has been the recession – for a couple of years, there simply hasn’t been the money to spend on things that I don’t actually need, however beautiful they… Read more »