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Kimono gallery part three – wovens


Woven kimono from the Taisho and Showa periods are about my favourite kimono of all time. Most of the kimono that I actually wear on a daily basis are woven, or ‘predyed’ kimono. These have a lower degree of formality in Japan than kimono that are printed, and are used for at-home wear, casual occasions, parties with friends, etc. The… Read more »

Black meisen hitoe with green yabane


This black kimono is my first meisen hitoe. Hitoe are unlined kimono and they’re a comparative rarity in modern kimono because the majority of people who now have kimono made only ever have one or two, so they tend to have the high-end type of furisode/tomesode with linings. However, vintage hitoe kimonos are fairly readily available.  Nevertheless, searching for hitoe… Read more »

Blue Sha with yabane


It’s 30 degrees in France today and all day I’ve been wearing my new blue Sha kimono with white yabane. This kimono cost only 99 cents on Ebay – I was the only bidder – and was described as ‘mixed fabric’. The yabane pattern is a stylised arrow fletch and is one of the most ancient patterns seen on kimono. When… Read more »

Falling in love with kimono again


After a long hiatus, I have fallen in love with kimono again. I have been buying kimono again after a long gap, and oh what a joy it is. The main reason has been the recession – for a couple of years, there simply hasn’t been the money to spend on things that I don’t actually need, however beautiful they… Read more »